Follow the path that’s no-path

Young people today face more challenges that our parents and we ever did, and the biggest is not coming from the world external to our selves. The biggest challenge is the process of the leaping from the adolescent psyche, to the mature adult.

It is a process that, looking back, the elder in the societies used to have a firm grip on, but this is not happening anymore. Teenager and their parents are both to close to be the objective observer and guide to help the teenager through this process of transformation into mature adulthood.

The great Mythologist Joseph Campbell once said in an interview:

“There are two aspects of the hero, I think. The hero is somebody whom you can lean on and who is going to rescue you; he is also an ideal. To live the heroic life is to live the individual adventure, really. One of the problems today is that with the enormous transformations in the forms of our lives, the models for life don’t exist for us.

In a traditional society–the agriculturally based city–there were relatively few life roles, and the models were there; there was a hero for each life role. But look at the past twenty years and what has come along in the way of new life possibilities and requirements. The hero-as-model is one thing we lack, so each one has to be his own hero and follow the path that’s no-path. It’s a very interesting situation.” 

Joseph Campbell (with Michael Toms), An Open Life, p. 109

And I agree that it is an interesting situation, but for me the interesting thing is, how we as a society will have to change completely how we prepare our next generations for the world they will live in. Already today we see in business massive hordes of people operating in the world, still being more or less the prisoner of their adolescent psyche……….