During lunch today I took the time to see the TED speech by Andreas Schleicher: Use data to build better schools

And I have to say it appealed to my logical brain, but it just felt really wrong…….

I think it is great to put attention on education to help countries that can benefit from it, to build and generate equal opportunities in the business world. But I also believe that it is a broken model to measure education like productivity. We see more and more you people in the western world loosing their interest in education, higher rates of depression and suicide among teenagers ever recorded in History. IT has become about performance to be measured and compared by PISA and all forgotten about the human individual and how they develop as a whole person. Our educational systems, and PISA enforces it, are treating people like an industrial product that needs to be better and quicker produced with the highest Return On Investment possible.

And it is not about not agreeing with, that we can be better and learn more, its about how our educational systems educate people out of their innate natural curiosity and creativity and alienate them from the human being the where born to become.

Looking at the high educational levels in Asia, China a country I visit regularly, with one of the largest high education populations in the world, I meet many many highly educated young people, looking back on their educational experience and really really HATE IT, it makes them feel bad thinking about it, so much so they tend not to read or want to learn much more…. PERIOD ! IS THIS WHAT WE WANT?

I agree that the speech was a great factual speech, that portrays one side of the educational coin measured by PISA, but are we willing to sacrifice our children, their well being as an individual and their future by supporting and applauding an educational system that is run like industrial slaughterhouses; getting the best prime meat, with the best ROI out the door without noticing that it is no longer a pulse…….

Well that was my take on it, and I could be wrong or just seeing it in a different light, so go have a look and let me know what you think……

Andreas Schleicher: Use data to build better schools

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