Stand out and stand up for who you are……

Growing up is all about being able to stand on you own. And be willing to stand out if that is, What it takes to live your life in the sun…….








The task we as parents have is to guide, set rules and challenges our kids, not for our sake, not for the sake of the society, but for their sake. Our aim should be to help our kids to grow up to be mature adults not only by age, but more important psychological maturity.

Many young people today have been nurtured and protected to a degree, that it has sheltered them against the very challenges in life that would/should help them mature by facing it on their own. It might be challenges that in the moment seem scary and frightening, but when dealt with, open the mind for new levels of maturity.

If these levels of maturity of the mind does not happen during the childhood and teenage years they will remain unresolved and will turn up in life again and again. For most people the challenges that would evoke the maturity of the mind, but left unresolved, will grow more and more frightening with age. Many if not all adults experiencing this later in life will find it very challenging to make the psychological leap require to move on in the levels psychological Maturity that science point to our brain is designed to undergo.

Be there for you kids and teenagers, but as the guide and expose them to the challenges that life brings, and let them have a go at it, be there to pick them up IF they cannot get up on their own. Give them praise and more room to grow when they succeed and Expose them to other mature adults that can have a positive influence on the their maturing, and teach them to challenges life and people they encounter……..


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